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our fab story

Hi, fierce queens my name is Alexis, I'm 13 years old and the CEO of Lexi A Cosmetics. Lexi A Cosmetics is a high-quality cosmetics company that cares for each customer by providing excellent products and services. I was inspired to start my own business to support, empower and inspire confident from teens to the elderly.  

Lexi A cosmetics goes beyond physical health by helping to improve our mood, enhance our appearance and boost our self-esteem. It can also help to show personal style and are an important means of social expression. This is my main goal for my supporters and customers as you purchase my products to help enhance self-confident. 


I have learned that people who take care of themself and wear some form of makeup are more confident, and ready to take on the day. This added sense of control is a necessity for giving you the positive attitude that you deserve when you are heading out in the world. 

Every person wants to look and feel their best, this is when quality makeup can come in handy. Lexi A cosmetic fierce queens can use makeup to look outstanding and inviting. Best of all, quality lashes, lip treatment, nails and other products can enhance many of the natural features that a person has. A good lip gloss and lashes can help to make the prominent lips and eyes a little more noticeable and dynamic in style. This is how Lexi A cosmetics can allow you to be your own fabulous.  


The time you spend applying makeup on your skin is a time in the day where you can think about yourself and what you want to do during the day. Every person deserves a bit of time focusing on themselves by acknowledging the Makeup benefits. Having fun and creating new looks for yourself is a great time to reflects and focus on your dreams and aspirations.  


Believe in yourself, take care yourself and use Lexi A cosmetics to enhance your beauty and to become your own fabulous fierce queen.  


Xoxoxoxo  Alexis. 

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