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My name is Alexis and I am 13-years old and CEO of Lexi A Cosmetics.


In addition to meeting my academic demands and preparing for high school, I started my own business!


I am the oldest with 3 younger siblings. I have learned a lot from my mom who is a health practitioner in health

promotion and disease prevention and lover of beauty/fashion.


My goal is to connect the link between cosmetics and health. I want to pursue my goals of becoming a health practitioner in the field of

Dermatology and understanding beauty from within.


My long-term career goal includes transferring my knowledge and experience from cosmetics and combining it with the science and practice of Dermatology.

I believe that beyond physical health, cosmetics can help improve mood, enhance the appearance and boost confidence.

My vision as a CEO of Lexi A Cosmetics is to use makeup as a way for one to exhibit personal style and social expression.

I look forward to your honest input and creating a positive platform for everyone to be their own fabulous.

Thank you for being a supportive partner to Lexi A Cosmetics and for my ambition to strive for greatness.

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